These are absolutely some of the best looking TV spots ever done for any format – gorgeous!!
Greg Solk, SVP of Programming ~ Hubbard Broadcasting

I love the fresh look and smell of a Willy B TV spot first thing in the morning! ;o)
Scott Mahalick, EVP of Programming ~ Alpha Media

Once again you have delivered to Greater Media a fantastic television campaign. Your work lights up the TV screen with a clear and compelling message. As always it’s a pleasure working with you on another project designed to make ratings and revenue. Thanks for all your hard work!
Buzz Knight, VP of Program Development ~ Greater Media

Love the spots! As always, GREAT work.
Tony Coles, SVP/Programming ~ iHeartMedia

Just saw the video you did.
Massive. Great job brother!!!! 🙂
Jason Garte, President ~ The Mix Group, Inc.

Spots looked great during the AMA’S. The colors and animation made it totally look like we were part of the actual show. Buzz around the building on them was huge!
You killed it. Thanks again.
Phil Becker, VP of Programming ~ Alpha Media

Wow Wow Willy B! You are amazing!
Alissa Marti, Marketing Director ~ Connoisseur Media

This is another over the top production WB! Thanks for making us look so good! LMAO!
Milt McConnell, SVP/Market Manager ~ Alpha Media

Looks amazing!!!
Did I say wow??!?!?
Garner Goin, PD ~ Entercom Communications

Brilliant! BRILLIANT!! B R I L L I A N T ! ! !
MAN, you do great work!
John Willyard ~ Voice for Broadcast

Totally awesome!
Bill McElveen, EVP/Southern Region ~ Alpha Media

Willy, that is just amazing work! Thank you so much for the effort!
Mike Hartell, SVP/Market Manager ~ Alpha Media

Major thumbs up from all on the spots!
Steve Harper, PD ~ Connoisseur Media

Great stuff…
Greg Strassell, SVP National Programming Platforms ~ iHeartMedia

You’re the best! Thank you video Prod God!
B-Dub ~ Buckwild Saturday Night

I LOVE the colors!! Very eye catching. Never seen anything like it in Philly!
Bill Schultz, OM ~ Greater Media

HOLY CRAP!!!!! THIS IS FLIPPIN’ FANTASTIC!!!!! You are amazing!!!!
Bill West, OM ~ Alpha Media

Wonderful! Thank you again. You do exemplary work and it’s always a pleasure to work with you. I’m always happy to recommend you.
Brad Holtz, PD ~ Sarkes Tarzian